This category features our homeopathic combo products for ailments such as forgetfulness, stammering, anger management etc. These combos include homeopathic single remedies like Anacardium for forgetfulness, Stramonium for stammering, Argentum Nit for examination fear, Chamomilla for controlling anger and so on.

Can homeopathy cure mental illness?

This is a question that can’t really be answered. It probably can be said that with a well-chosen remedy, tendencies can be diminished, a new permanent perspective may be gained, and choices that were invisible may now become prominent; in essence a remedy can increase our experience of freedom. But perhaps homeopathy may have the potential to change the expression of our DNA; to change the very cellular mechanisms of the nervous system. This can have a particularly significant impact on children and on adults who plan to have children in terms of preventing the genetic expression of undesirable behaviors and pathology.

What are the applications of homeopathy?
Hangnails to flus, ear infections to cancer, eczema to depression, anger to muscle strains, diabetes to menopause, phobias to sexual dysfunction, and everything in between. Remedies are particularly valuable for people who have a great understanding of why they are “the way they are” but can’t seem to change behavior permanently. Remedies can be used for acute situations or for patterns that have been around for years.